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I'm a relatively good girl. Ilove books, i love shoes and i love my hubby.nine makes almost my day.i can be nice and yet i can be a hatred to you.

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Sep 8, 2009
Sep 9, 2009
Sep 10, 2009
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Chateu de Reves
Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hello. Me and hubby went to Chateu de Reves, well lets just put it that way ok. As our usual doings.. We just sit there and talk about stuff. I so much enjoy going there because even if theres no such things to do i still find bliss in going at CdR simply because just a glance of Hubby, my hear beats fast which give me ghost bumps..hahaha.. you know the feeling, its like your spine is tingling.

You know what, we almost went to a fight(not really a fight) cos Myne saw this video (the video on my previous post) and when i noticed that Hubby is looking on it, i immediately grab my phone because that video is not intended for hubby's eyes. I dedicate that video to Myne but i dont want that hubby will watch it at my phone but instead, it should be on my blog, this blog. But that seem to be impossible cos Hubby doesnt put a tiny care on my blog. So i think its not my problem anymore if hubby cant find out that this blog is intended for "H".

Thats all for now...

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